Monday, July 19, 2010

Clutter Traps

In this edition of Sequoia Notes I focus on describing the clutter traps I have found we all fall into. I have always been an observer of people. Over the many years of working with people I have identified 5 traps people fall into. Do any of these sound familiar?

Being Everything to Everybody

Finding yourself running around trying to please everyone. We are so busy being the best Mom, Daughter, Sister, Brother, Father, Son, friend and employee that the reality of all that we do is beyond our field of vision. Being everything to everybody creates a constant busyness that never ends. Usually accompanied with a feeling of being rushed and wishing there were more hours in the day. The endless running around creates to do lists a mile long. Our mind is constantly running through them trying to keep everything in order. Physically things start piling up around us, reminding us what needs to be done.

Thinking "I'll be happy when..."

This trap dealing with our wishing things were different. When we are always waiting for now to be over so we can get to tomorrow we never feel that sense of accomplishment. We are so focused on what we are waiting for that we end up missing what's infront of us. And funny enough even though we are focused on tomorrow, the items we put off never get done either.

Running Other People's Business

When we find ourshelves in the middle of drama whether it's family, friends or co-workers. We can get caught up in the role we play. Running other people's business happens when the role takes over. The people around us comes to us for advice, a sounding board. The problem lies when we become the counseller running from patient to patient. Ours days are filled up with everyone else's business while ours is left unattended including physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Instant Gratification

This trap could also be called "high expectations." We have become an instant gratification society. We want quick fixes that are easy and we expect them to end all of our problems. When our expectations are not met our anxiety, frustration and stress elevate, the quick fix did not work. We buy all the newest gadgets piling up our homes with stuff we will not use and hinge all our hopes and dreams on the newest thing. The ride is like that of a yo-yo. Our emotional, spiritual and physical states are constantly rising and crashing. The strain is exhausting.

Short Attention Spans

There are those of us that have lots of great ideas but never enough time to get them all done. You might find yourself jumping from project to project never finishing one. In today's society we might call that 'Attention deficit' but I prefer to use the word creative. We buy all the supplies necessary to complete our projects but never get to them. They pile up reminding us of our old creative projects and things left undone.