Monday, March 2, 2009

Secret 8: Selecting Empowering Partnerships and Alliances

To date I have never had any partnerships or alliances although as I am writing this I am changing the context and coming up with a different answer.

In my past I have always worked in corporate america and my father always told me 'to hire a good boss'. I have since discovered it is not possible. But if I adapt this chapter to apply of my past I have had partnerships and alliances with my previous bosses. And most have not been good. So far I have discovered I give my power away in these situations which always ends bad.

Now I focus on relationships that enrich both sides, and don't have any second questioning involved. Although this seems to be a hard lesson for me to learn as I removed myself out of a bad situation this past October 08. I had to be talked into the offer and grieved what I was perceiving as lossing. All seemed fine on the surface but underneath were hidden issues either of us expected. When it finally came to blows the issues had piled up so high that I couldn't tell you what happened, I just didn't know. Now looking back I didn't get what I was doing and could not communicate what I needed effectively. I was resenting my bosses attitude and diva ways, not feeling part of a team and when the time came I was thrown under the bus. It has been a hard lesson and I am still looking for the grace of it. Any Suggestions?

I am going to set aside the collaboration profile used in the book and apply it situations arise.

Secret 7: Consulting with Guides

From what I can remember both of my parents were never very create. I don't remember either of them having any hobbies of any sort. My father was always the most supportive, he use to say it was because I could do what he couldn't.

The only I remember being forced to take was piano lessons, and how I hated them. Although years later I learned to play the viola and the sax by my own decision. I can remember always drawing or colouring while I was watching television, I was always doing more than one thing.

The influential people in my life have always seemed to guide me in different directions, whether that was there intent or mine, I am not sure. I can remember a swimming instructor who said I swam like a dolphin, and so to this day I have a fasination with dolphins and collect everyone I can find inlcuding tatoos and jewellery.

I can remember a teacher telling me she never wanted to see me anorexic, so I ensured that would never happen and gained weight over and over. To the point I cannot remember a time when I wasn't on a diet and I have since joined weight watchers, reaching my goal and now work for the company helping others.

I can remember people telling me, they would never worry about me, because I have a good head on my shoulders, or I would go far. All encouraging words but they forget to give me the directions that went with them.

As I grow older I am more focused on searching for guides in specific areas, and am very careful to stay away from those who do not believe.