Monday, January 19, 2009

2nd Secret to Highly Creative Women

In our search thur The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women by Gail mcMeekin we are focusing this week on the 2nd secret "Honoring Your Inspirations".

I am actually finding this process more difficult than expected. I guess it is showing me just how out of touch I am with my creative side. My homework this week is to listen. The chapter talks about discovering what inspires us and creating structures to faciliate it. Such as building a sanctuary. My home and where I live is my sanctuary every window I look out I see nature and it inspires me. After a fresh snow fall there is nothing more peaceful than watching the winter wonderland around me. It always reminds me of The Chronicles of Narnia.

Questions for defining our creative style:
1. When did your creative awakening or reawakening occur? I believe it is in process. I am appreciating everything around me so much more.

2. what Talents do you have, naturally? I see colour and colour combinations that are representative of my clients. I am a problem solver and a good listener.

3. Which elements draw you toward them? I am attracted to all elements depending on my mood and pace that that time. But I am most drawn to water (live on lake) and wood. I have a deep connection to the Gaint Sequoias.

4. where and when do you create? whenever and where ever it hits me. I have no one spot.

5. what activates your creative energy, and what drains it? Being in nature fuels me and being around people who focus on the 'drama' drains me. I love to read and lose myself in the story.

6. do you use creative rituals? I currently don't have any, but maybe I could use some, any ideas?

7. does nature influence your creativity? YES. I can lose myself in the details of the trees, the waves on the water, the sound of the birds, no birds or the wind.

8. what has been your greatest creative hurdle so far? Rediscovering who I am during shift in my life and where I thought I was going.

9. What time of day are you most receptive to inspirations? If I am writing first thing in the morning for any other projects, when it hits.


  1. I love these questions, I think we can learn so much about our own process and how to honor it by answering them.

    And kudos to you for getting up and writing "first thing in the morning" - I did read that correctly, didn't I? :)

  2. Narnia! Maybe if I use that imagery the snow won't be so intolerable! (sorry... gremlins!) it is terribly pretty... and reinventing one's self 6 times - now that is brave AND creative. thank you for sharing with all of us through the 'club'

  3. My creative ritual is really very simple-- I light incense, a candle, turn on some favorite music-- and from there, the rest is all improv!