Monday, January 26, 2009

3rd Secret: Following Your Fascinations

Before I started this weeks blog post I went back and read all the previous comments you have written to me. I first want to say thank you for your thoughts and ideas. I cannot tell you how much they mean to me. Namaste!

In this weeks chapter we are challenged to take risks, review our past risks and define what we need to move forward. I would call myself a planned risk taker as I only make moves I can predict which by definition is not a real risk.

The risks I have made in my career seem small now compared to the risk I made to change where I live. In my previous careers it was calculated, there was a measure of risk but I still had control. But when my husband and I quit our jobs, sold our home and moved to the country with no jobs to go to, that was a risk. I am still deciding if it has paid off.

Maybe because all my previous risks have been calculated, I don't really know what risks are. How to decide one worth taking versus not. I feel like I have risked my comfort and my security, and still waiting for the pay off. Or is that my problem?

I would not call myself in touch with myself right now. But at least I listened this week. On Friday I decided I was going to do something 'crafty'. I had a project I had been wanting to do for some time but could never find the time. I made the time. And I lost myself in it. Giving myself permission to create was key, I need to do that more often. As usual I need to get off my back and just be.

The limited thinking that holds me back is not about looking foolish but thinking I should be doing something productive. Whatever that means. There is a quote of the movie Bed of Roses that is screaming in my head "contributing to the Gross National Product". I feel like if I am not producing to increase the bottom line (for who I don't know) than my time is wasted. Not sure where I picked this one up but any suggestions on new perspectives would be appreciated.


  1. I don't know how to put it without writing a very obnoxiously long comment, but let me try. I have a similar thing, that I should be doing something to relieve the suffering in the world instead of pushing words around a page.

    Think of how other people's art and creativity has enriched your own life.

    I know from listening to other people's writing and seeing their art, even if it's not published or displayed in a gallery, that I have been deeply touched and inspired and influenced by their work. You NEVER know who you are going to touch and change their whole lives, and they may never have the chance or courage to tell you. Even if you only share it with friends or small group of fellow artists ... you may inspire someone to really get in touch with their own spirit or their own creativity.

    Bringing spirit and beauty into the world for each other? That's a bottom line we can all live with.

    Ok, so it did end up being too long after all...

  2. Lisa said it perfectly!

    Also, the bottom line truly is that you create for your own well-being first and foremost... touching and inspiring others with your work is a bonus. :)

  3. I think part of this chapter about intuitive voices, maybe this productive whisper means something different than you think and maybe you should explore it a bit...I applaud you your big risks, the one you mentioned seem HUGE to me and you should feel proud you took that step. Keep creating when you feel the need...getting lost in it is a good nourishing thing.